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The way to help a city

is to love it


Established in 2002, Somebody Cares is a Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). Our purpose is to support those within our city and shire whom for many reasons are facing challenging times. Through our Key Performance Indicators, we strive to improve lives, alleviate poverty, and provide second chances.

Furnish Homes

Combat Food Poverty

Demonstrate Empathy

Provide re-integration

Develop Volunteers

Reduce Landfill 

Somebody Cares places great emphasis on ensuring that every client is treated with dignity and respect. We understand that clients access our services when they are at their lowest. We strive to ensure that we make the experience a positive one, and always go the extra mile to make the client feel comfortable, encouraged and at ease.

We support individuals with a wide range of issues including those trapped in addiction, victims of cuckooing, domestic violence, or mounting debt. Those with mental, physical and life limiting illnesses, asylum seekers, ex-offenders, young mums, and teenagers who have been thrown out of the family home. Everyone’s challenge is different however we listen, we adapt, and we react to ensure the client leaves feeling encouraged and with a weight lifted off their shoulders.

At the core of everything we do, we provide hope, support, and empathy. We shine a light into the darkness and send the message that in the darkest of times you are never truly alone, help is at hand, and Somebody Cares.

Brian and Jenny Taylor
Founder and CEO of Somebody Cares Scotland


we collect

We collect pre-loved items of furniture, electrical goods, clothing and antiques, then we redistribute them from our warehouse to families in need or sell them from our shop in Hazelhead. More valuable items may be auctioned on our Ebay shop.

We Support

We work with over 90 agencies including Aberdeen City Council, health and wellbeing providers and charities to provide people in crisis with the basic home comforts which the rest of us often take for granted.

On average, we totally furnish 20 homes each week.

We provide as many vulnerable members of our community as we can with beds to sleep in, clothes to wear and food to nourish.

We Sell

Our shop in Hazelhead sells donated goods in order to help fund the charity.

Buying from our shop or donating goods to be sold in it all help the community.

We are Environmentally Responsible

We reuse, recycle, restore and upcycle donated goods. For items that are beyond reuse, we dispose of them very carefully in order to minimise the negative impact on the environment.

We Provide Opportunities

Everyone deserves a second chance and for that reason, we engage the services of people who, for reasons of debt or bad judgement, are in Community Service positions.

We help to give them back their self-respect and forge a better path through life.

We do it ALL for FREE

We believe we are the only charity in Scotland operating on the scale we do, providing practical help for thousands of families and individuals every year and giving it all away free of charge.

We vowed when we started back in 2003 that we would never charge people in need for the help we provide and that promise has never been broken.