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Working daily with 80 different support agencies, we furnish homes and provide everyday necessities to those in need.

Due to generous donations, we can provide clients with everything they need to make a house a home.  

Whether a client needs a few plates, cups or pots and pans to start a kitchen, toys for their children’s birthday, clothing after fleeing domestic violence or their home completely furnished from top to bottom with sofas, beds, electrical items, curtains, bedding, and pictures for the walls, we can react quickly to provide and deliver all these items, completely free of charge. 

Access to our furniture support services is by referral, Support workers can contact us on behalf of their clients on info@somebodycaresscotland.org


As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, demand for assistance with clothing continues to grow.

Where there is a need Somebody Cares reacts and adapts quickly to our client’s needs. Our clothing area includes men’s, women’s, children’s and baby clothing, school uniforms, winter jackets, shoes, bags and accessories.

Our clothing department can be accessed free of charge by support worker referral, clients can select their own items or for challenging circumstances we will also prepare clothing parcels on our client’s behalf.


Our food bank provides nutrient rich weekly food parcels, individually prepared to the client’s specific tastes and dietary requirements.

Receiving a food parcel which allows clients to request items they specifically need removes a huge amount of pressure from their shoulders, helps to alleviate financial burdens and improve mental health.

Sometimes the simplest of things such as having cereal and milk available for the children or a play piece for them to take to school makes the biggest difference to the mental wellbeing of the parent and removes the stigma of being the odd one out from the child.

Likewise knowing that because a food parcel is arriving from Somebody Cares, an OAP or someone on Universal Credits can relax in the knowledge that they will have money left to pay for their gas and electricity bills.Our foodbank also delivers daily trays of food to the local hostels, provides breakfast and snacks to local schools for vulnerable children and delivers care packages to key workers throughout our city.

Our foodbank also delivers daily trays of food to the local hostels, provides breakfast and snacks to local schools for vulnerable children and delivers care packages to key workers throughout our city.

Access to our food parcels is by self-referral, if you are in need of help or would like to donate food please contact us at foodbank@somebodycaresscotland.org or call us on 01224 460700 – option 1.


In addition to making huge enhancements to our existing services our new premises has allowed us to add several additional services which will be available free of charge for use by local support workers, clients, and other charities.


‘The Haven’ is a safe, non-judgemental, private space for domestic abuse and human trafficking clients to choose clothing for themselves in a shop environment, where everything is free of charge.

Support worker can book out a private one on one visit to the shop with their client, where they can choose items, try them on, take their time without anyone putting unnecessary stress or expectations on them.

They can use this time to chat with their support worker and gain support, coping strategies and encouragement. For many clients this can be an overwhelming experience as they come to terms with what they have been through. We aim to give them the freedom and safe environment to process, recover, gain confidence, and get used to having free choice of what they want to wear. Clients can access an array of products all designed to help them feel better about themselves and reclaim their own identity. This will include clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, and other accessories. Makeup, toiletries, hairdryers, straighteners, and sanitary products.


The Workshop is a purpose-built area where clients, with their support worker can access for free, a shop environment to select smart clothing, suits, shoes, or work clothing such as boiler suits and safety boots to help them get back into the workplace.

Alternatively, this space can also be used to access smart clothing for a court appearance, or for a wedding or funeral, so the client doesn’t feel alienated by low funds. 


We are delighted to introduce two new specially designed rooms which can be booked by local organisations free of charge to meet with their clients to offer them help and support in a calm and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The first suite is set up with sofas and soft furnishings to encourage relaxation and safety and will be used for services such as bereavement, domestic abuse, mental health, or life limiting illness counselling.

The second suite has a more formal ambiance, this room can be used for services such as CV building, interview practice or benefit or legal advice. Support workers who take clients to ‘The Haven’ or ‘The Workshop’ may also find it beneficial to spend time in these rooms during their visit. 


Our new premises, with its bright open plan inviting space, adjoining break out areas and separate kitchen and bathroom facilities, lends itself perfectly to being a wonderful safe and private area for meetings and group sessions.

Open for both support services and private sector use, our desire is to bring people together and encourage collaboration. The room boasts a boardroom table, breakout area and also a large open plan section which can be set up for business or play.

To book a session in our counselling suites or meeting areas email info@somebodycaresscotland.org


Working with the local college and charitable hairdressers, barbers, and beauty therapists we have dedicated a room for our most vulnerable clients to access free haircuts and pamper sessions to help boost their mental health and well being.

We should never underestimate the difference these types of services can make to the confidence and mental well being of a client who has been through challenging times


Our weekly Friendship Café will offer the community a space to meet new friends and improve confidence, social skills and mental health and well being.

Working with local groups and support workers we will encourage people to come along for a free cup of coffee and an opportunity to socialise with other visitors. During these sessions we will encourage and nurture friendships between individuals which we hope will last outside of the group. Local support organisations will be encouraged to attend so café visitors can access their services too. Watch this space!


Standing in a prominent position close to Wellington Road, Altens, Aberdeen, Somebody Cares House, our modern and welcoming Headquarters occupies an impressive 45,000 sq. ft, and is home to our enhanced client showrooms, our expanded foodbank, and many new services.

Close to the main bus routes the building is easily accessible for our clients, staff, and volunteers. Our greatest wish is that Somebody Cares House will offer a place of calm, comfort, and security to all who need a helping hand within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

In order to fund our free charitable work, Somebody Cares runs several income generating streams from buildings across Aberdeen city and shire. Operations include retail premises; office furniture showrooms and donations drop off hubs. See the tabs for further information.

“I am almost speechless. Thank you so much for my wonderful parcel today. I’ve cried a lot and I’m so grateful.” - Somebody Cares Client

“I was so embarrassed to ask for a food parcel but had no choice. I was overwhelmed when I saw what I was given. Not only essentials but treats for me and the kids. I am very grateful for Somebody Cares help.” - Somebody Cares Client