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2020-21 has been an era in our lives like no other. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it not just severe illness, grief, anxiety and loneliness, but also even higher unemployment, poverty, hunger and a much greater need for organisations like Somebody Cares SCIO.

When the UK-wide lockdown hit us on 23rd March and lasted for 3 months we wanted to continue to provide furniture, clothes and household items to our clients but government laws and social-distancing restrictions prevented us from carrying out our business as usual, so we immediately turned our focus to what we felt was needed most providing food to the thousands that needed it across our city.

In that 3 months we provided an average of 315 food bags per week to individuals and families across the city (each bag has enough for 3 meals a day for 4 day), as well as an average of 32 trays of food per week to care homes, hostels and churches. These numbers settled down to an average of 200 food bags a week across the Summer months but has built up to similar levels in this 2021 Winter lockdown.

We reopened on 5th April 2021 as the 2nd lockdown period was easing. We have since resumed the free donations of home-furnishings, clothes and other essential items to upwards of 40 households per week - once again providing Aberdeen with the social-care support it so desperately needs.

We totally rely on the generous contributions of those like yourselves. We thank you for anything you feel you can donate to Help Us Help Those In Need