In the UK we are living in desperate and difficult days with recession, rising unemployment, benefit changes, major increases in food prices, and rising utility bills. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/2021 further exacerbated the situation and has catapulted us into a possible recession that the UK (and indeed the world) has not experienced or seen the depth of in modern times.

Whilst organisations like Somebody Cares are already contributing on a daily basis an enormous amount of charitable support to Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, and positively impacting the lives of those who would otherwise be living on the streets, desperately seeking their next hot meal, or scrambling for clothes and a warm bed for their families, this need is only going to increase exponentially over the next few years.

Quite simply, Somebody Cares needs to continue to grow in the support it provides, with even more help from the local communities, supporters, corporate sponsors, charitable foundations, Scottish and Westminster government and both of our hard-working local councils.
We now have a very dynamic management team in place, from the Board of Trustees to the Operation Leads and Management Support Team, who strive to ensure the organisation is run effectively and efficiently in order to support all our employees, volunteers, vulnerable clients and customers.

We also have an excellent team of drivers, sales assistants, foodbank assistants and donations assistants (both employees and volunteers) who continually work together to ensure that Somebody Cares can deliver the best service to the people that need our support, and also the best shopping experience to those who visit our megastore, monthly warehouse sales or (soon to be) online shop.
It is for these reasons that any recruitment we do looks for people who have the right attitude and approach - charitable minded, hard-working team players who are willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our aims of supporting all those who need our help in Aberdeen and the shire. Joining our team needs to be a two-way process – we want everyone who gives us hours of their time to be able to work to the very best of their ability (and beyond) in an environment that they enjoy turning up to each day, at the same time as feeling that they have achieved their sense of social responsibility and made a real difference to other people’s lives. 




Based At : Loriston House, Wellington Road, Aberdeen

Responsible To : CEO and Operations Team

Responsible For : HR, Recruitment, Process Management, Overall Administration

Hours of Work : 3 days per week

Role Description :

Are you looking for a challenging but very rewarding role that will utilise your years of experience as a Senior Administrator, but in an environment where you really can help to provide input to the way that a Charity is managed?

We are looking for someone to work alongside our Senior Managers and Operational Leads to ensure that we have the right policies, processes, databases etc in place to support us primarily in the areas of HR, Recruitment, and Document Management, but also in-part in other administrative areas such as Finance and Marketing.

The Senior Administrator is responsible to the CEO of Somebody Cares SCIO,  based at Loriston House, Aberdeen, in support of the Operations of the Charity. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, dynamic, self-directed and flexible, who can work in a very busy and fast-paced team. You need to be able to demonstrate the experience of processes, procedures and necessity for clear and concise communication, and show us that you have real attention to detail, a commitment to first-class service, and ability to meet deadlines. You will also need strong MS-Office skills, particularly in the areas of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and document management systems.


  • Staff Recruitment – from scoping to advertising to interviewing and induction.
  • HR Management – working with staff and management on performance reviews, grievances, investigations and disciplinary procedures
  • Training – working with managers to ensure training records are kept up to date
  • Policies and Procedures – ensuring everything is documented as required
  • Electronic Filing – overall management and oversight of the MS-Teams / Sharepoint document filing system
  • Asset Management – record keeping of phones, laptops, licences, etc.
  • Meeting Minutes – Attending meetings as required and taking minutes
  • Finance Administration – Backup support for payroll administration, invoices and reconciliations on the Xero Accounting system.


  • Proven experience as a Senior Administrator
  • Excellent MS-Office Skills – Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Communication Skills – ability to communicate with management, staff and volunteers at all levels
  • Proficient in accounting software – notably the Xero Accounting System

If interested in an application form, email


Based At : Loriston House, Wellington Road, Aberdeen

Responsible To : CEO

Responsible For : Online Sales – Setting up and Selling

Hours of Work : Flexible

Monthly Salary : Will be paid on an agreed Commission Basis 

Role Description :

Are you someone who has a proven track record in Online Sales and would like to extend this experience into the Charity sector? Your creative sales skillset can be utilised not only for additional income for yourself but also generate the funds needed to support an amazing local charity in the work that they are doing in Aberdeen.

We are looking for someone to help us set up and manage an Online Sales division in Somebody Cares in Aberdeen. Somebody Cares has a constant stream of 2nd hand goods donated to our many locations on a daily basis – and there are many hidden gems to be found. The Online Sales Executive need to be able to work with our Retail and Charity Managers to recognise these items and take them to the online marketplace, where they can be sold for a price that is more in line with their worth than just selling them at our shop or monthly sales.

The Online Sales Manager is based at Loriston House, Wellington Road, Aberdeen but can also work from home as required. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, dynamic, self-directed and flexible, who can find creative and unique ways to maximise the income generated from online sales. You will need to be sales orientated, using innovative tactics and have excellent product knowledge to sell our items on the most effective sales platforms.

This is a non-staff position, managed through a Service Agreement, where the person responsible will be paid on an agreed commission basis.


  • Working with the Charity and Megastore to highlight the items appropriate for sales online
  • Setting up the online sales platforms (Facebook, Ebay, Gumtree, etc) which will best suit the sales process
  • Ensuring the sellable goods are properly photographed to the best advantage
  • Pricing the goods at competitive market value
  • Packaging and posting the items to buyers
  • Tracking all goods taken from the Charity and Megastore from receipt into the Online Sales pool of goods, to the platforms they are advertised on, to the point of sale
  • Tracking expenses incurred
  • Agreeing with the Finance Manager the amount of sales at month end, and therefore the commission to be received
  • Acting as an ambassador for Somebody Cares, and ensuring all sales are tagged as Somebody Cares items.


  • Proven experience in Online Sales, and ability to demonstrate a good track record in this area
  • Good administrative skills, being able to track all sales
  • A good demeanour with donors and customers, and always acting with the best interest of the charity at heart.

If interested in an application form, email


Based At : Greenwell Road or Hazledene Road, Aberdeen

Responsible To : Charity Logistics Manager

Responsible For : Collection and Delivery of donated goods

Hours of Work : 40 per week

Salary : £10 per hour (£20,800 pa)

Role Description :

A Driver-Warehouseman needs to achieve timely collections of donations and deliveries, be able to achieve systematic and efficient receipt, sorting and distribution of donations, and to ensure that all appropriate standards of health and safety, security and quality are met.

For those that are of a charitable mindset who like to feel that they are contributing to the social responsibility of today’s society, this is a very rewarding role as you soon appreciate how much help and support Somebody Cares gives to those that need us, as well as the generosity of people who regularly donate their items.

The workload between Driver and Warehouseman duties will be assigned to all such staff as required on a rota basis by the Warehouse Logistics Manager.

  • Each van usually has 2 Drivers. The roles of lead and assistant drivers will be determined by the respective manager on the day but, essentially, both are expected to act as part of a team and assume all the responsibilities below whether they are the designated driver or not.
  • Collect items from Donors Houses, refusing any that do not comply with UK Regulations. Drop these items off at the Megastore (for re-sale) or the Warehouse (for donations), or to any of the satellite warehouses.
  • Deliver goods from the Warehouse to Clients, and from the Megastore to Customers.
  • To ensure that all goods are handled with care, firmly secured, and are not damaged in transit. Vans will be regularly checked to ensure this.
  • To ensure that the vans are properly maintained and cleaned.
  • To drive with due care and attention, within legal requirements.
  • To encourage Donors to allow Gift Aid against items sold providing forms when required.
  • Work with the Warehouse Manager /Megastore Manager to organize Goods Inwards, Storage Area and Goods Outwards, in any or all of the warehouse buildings and Megastore as directed by their immediate Manager
  • Interface with Van Drivers when dropping off or picking up donated goods. 
  • To ensure that all goods are handled with care, and properly located so as not to cause damage to the items or passers-by. 
  • To work with the Volunteers to ensure that all display areas are safely and adequately maintained both for the regular walk-arounds by Clients / Customers. 

If interested in an application form, email


Based At : Peterseat Drive,  Aberdeen

Responsible To : CEO and Operations Lead

Responsible For : Office Furniture Sales and Supporting Team

Hours of Work : Full Time – 40 hours per week

Monthly Salary : To Be Discussed

Role Description :

“with the ability to demonstrate a flair for project management and fantastic written and verbal communications skills. We are looking for candidates who have cut their teeth in entrepreneurial and brand-led business, or have corporate brand experience. You’ll need to be a hard-working, team player who can think creatively while keeping an eye on the detail. Calm under pressure, candidates must have plate-spinning brilliance and be prepared to get their hands dirty”.

This person ensures the smooth operation of our warehouses specifically containing our huge stock of donated office furniture. He/she needs to be able to advertise the goods for sale, set up and manage an effective sales process, work with the various managers for delivery to customers, and also be able to source more office furniture from companies that may be moving to different premises or closing down.  Key activities include :

  • Planning, monitoring and reporting all Office Furniture Sales activities 
  • Advertising and Marketing – both for incoming donations and outgoing sales 
  • Pricing of goods and stock inventory 
  • Initial stock take, and implement a stock tracking system 
  • Ensuring pick-up and delivery of office furniture 
  • Overseeing the management of the Office Furniture warehouses and the safe and effective storing of stock, and ensuring that the stock is fit for purpose 
  • Working with professional furniture removals companies as required in order to ensure their effective performance against their costs. 

He / She needs to be able to build and manage the Office Furniture team, to ensure that sales targets are achieved whilst ensuring efficient and effective management of budget, staff, volunteers, premises and stock to provide a high quality retail service, and also to ensure that all appropriate standards of health and safety, security and quality are met. 

If interested in an application form, email